Capital City Cribbage Cards Club (5C's)
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Rules of the game of Cribbage
Click on the link at the right to view or download the rules of cribbage:
A standard 2 track board and card deck
Check out some typical things, people and events during cribbage playing!
Some simple suggestions to learn how to play cribbage:

1) Learning the game on your own is quite possible, but you might admit that it can definitely be quite a daunting task. There are all the subtleties of the game, the linguo to master and remember, tournament and house  rules, among other things...

2) Learning how to properly count your hands (and the crib hand) can be frustrating at the beginning, especially if you pick some bad "counting" habits. Having veteran players alongside to help you out and to show you the "ropes" can certainly be of help. 

3) Playing in a club environment is for sure more stimulating, and is one way to make some new friends.
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