Capital City Cribbage Cards Club (5C's)
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About the Capital City Cribbage Cards Club
The Capital City Cribbage Cards Club (5C's) was founded just before playing online cribbage on the  Yahoo website went out of commission to allow a major overhaul in May 2014. Realizing that there was no known cribbage club operating in Washington DC, its founder (Dr. Sylvain J.R. Bergeron) started a club in June 2014. Our club is chartered club #404 from the American Cribbage Congress (ACC). The club has started playing on July 30, 2014.

Whether you are curious about the game, or just starting to play, or are a veteran player, we welcome all levels of players. We will gladly teach the game to anyone willing to spend some time to know the basics. The club will play on Wednesday nights from 7-10PM.  Once we reached 8 or 10 active players, we will ask for a concensus about where and when to play. For starters, we will be playing in teams of two players. This will make it easier for newcomers to learn the game and to be properly helped out. Players who would like to build their ACC ranking must join the ACC at the cost of $15/year ($18/year for a couple). 

The cost to join the 5 C's is $20 per year per player; weekly cost to play is $5 per week per player. Players can also participate in what is called the "skunk bank" where $1 per player goes into the bank. Then everytime a player gets "skunked" or double "skunked", the pot goes up accordingly and the money is distributed once at the end of a playing year with all present active players (at the last playing night). Note that participation to the skunk bank is optional, but a player must decide whether to contribute every week or to abstain from it. The club will record players' participation to ensure fairness during the playing year.
ACC Chartered Club #404