Capital City Cribbage Cards Club (5C's)
 Call  Sylvain at 202-739-1535
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Welcome to the Capital City Cribbage Cards Club!
Hello there!

A brand new cribbage club has recently been created in Washington DC. The club has obtained its charter from the American Cribbage Congress (ACC). This will allow its members to built their ranking with ACC so that they can participate in tournaments (optional, of course). Playing location will change from week to week for the next few months so that all members can try new places to play. Once the club holds 8 to 10 members, we will be looking for a more permanent place to play. Membership is open to all residents of Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, 21 years or older (some of the players may prefer to play in a pub setting). Playing locations such as bars, coffee shops, open patio establishments and social clubs (Legion halls, Freemasons halls, etc.) will be selected to facilitate people without a car to use the DC Metro rail or bus system to go play.

P;ease consult the website every week, or contact the club founder (Dr. Sylvain J.R. Bergeron, ACC member DC 14) at 202-739-1535 for more information.
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Well then, you essentially have a cribbage game going!
Start with a standard cribbage board,
then shuffle a standard 52 card deck, 
you also need 2,3,4,5, or 6 of those!
ACC Chartered Club #404